Product Breakdown


Our frames are made by the world leader in acetate, Mazzucchelli 1849 pride themselves on constant innovation. Being a multi-generational business, we chose Mazzucchelli because they had the softest, nicest and sturdiest feeling acetate on the market.

M49 Acetate

M49 relates to bio-acetate which is 100% biodegradable. Our bio-acetate in particular is made from plants and under the correct conditions completely bio-degrades in 115 days.

We chose M49 Acetate on the Firebird model, with the plan to move towards full biodegradability in the near future.


Our hinges are made by a company named Visottica Comotec. Visottica are the market leader in components for eyewear. Priding themselves on creating flexibility and durability within a pair of eyewear.


Pastel lenses are category 3 sun protection, fully polarised, scratch resistent with UV400 protection and an anti-reflective coating to stop glare. You are set for any activity.

Pastel ID

Utilising NFC Technology, we've placed a chip in the legs of the sunglasses and developed a social website that acts as a web link system to whatever you wish.

Register your pair of pastels now!

Pastel Display Case
Showcase your sunglasses

We wanted to create packaging that meant something and wasn't just tossed aside. Enter; the Pastel Display case. With built in LED lights and a central hook to highlight your pair.